Car Repair Assistance Programs

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities’ (CCDA) Emergency Assistance program helps people, living within the boundaries of the Diocese of Arlington, experiencing a temporary financial crisis, who require an essential car repair. To request assistance, please email

Eligibility– Clients may receive Emergency Assistance once in a 12-month period and up to two times in a 10-year period. To be eligible, the client must be a resident of the Diocese of Arlington. The client must provide all required documents, sign, and acknowledge receipt of all CCDA forms and be able to communicate via email and phone for the appointment with the Case Manager and the Car Repair point-of-contact (POC).

Assistance Process – Once CCDA receives all signed forms the client meets with CCDA for an intake to determine eligibility requirements, and if eligible will receive a Voucher Estimate Request. Please note the following:

  • The client must provide one outside independent repair estimate.
  • Car must be drivable.
  • The repair estimate from the partner cannot exceed the “Kelley blue book” value of the car.
  • For cars older than 1992, the client must pay the upfront diagnostic fees charged by the car partner and the estimated repairs must be $2,000 or less.
  • Tire replacement must be necessary due to an inspection failure and tire cost not to exceed $800.00.

Britepaths Reliable Rides

“Reliable Rides” is a special segment of our Financial Assistance Program that helps fund major car repairs so that clients in crisis can maintain their cars safely and continue to get to work to support their families. Participation in his program  requires a referral from Coordinated Services Planning (CSP), 703.222.0880. Referrals are made based on demonstrated need and the adherence to specified criteria, and we grant assistance as funds are available. Britepaths pays a portion of the bill (typically up to $1000) directly to the service provider with the understanding that the client will also help pay.

Craftsman Cares

This unique program gives “one big break” to families or individuals in need of auto repair or transportation. To be considered as a recipient for this program, candidates must follow these guidelines:

  • They should be facing a temporary hardship and needs reliable transportation or minor car repair in order for them to recover and get back on track.
  • Apply using the online form at,
    or submitting the form to the shop in person or mailing it to:
    Craftsman Cares Program/Craftsman Auto Care
    7001A Manchester Blvd Alexandria, VA 22310
  • Each submission must be co-signed by a sponsor (From an organization, i.e., a church, school system, employer, etc.)